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Today's ICE NewCastle Coal futures prices, LQ*0 ICE NewCastle Coal futures, ICE NewCastle Coal commodities, charts and quotes. ... Major Indices SP Indices SP Sectors DOW Indices Nasdaq Index Russell Indices Volatility Indices Commodities Indices US Sectors Indices. Trading Signals.

Argus/Coalindo Indonesian Coal Index Report | Argus Media

The service features the Indonesian Coal Index (ICI), the leading coal price reference used by Indonesian coal buyers and sellers, as well as the Indonesian government for spot trades, tax calculations, financial and investment analysis, strategic reporting and production planning.

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The Floating Price for each contract month shall be equal to the API 5 fob Newcastle 5,500 kcal/kg Monthly Coal Price Index published in the Argus/’s Coal Price Index Report ( being the average of weekly prices during the contract month)

Australia Coal Price (Monthly, USD per Metric Ton)

Australia Coal Price historical data, charts, stats and more. Australia Coal Price is at a current level of , down from last month and up from one year ago. This is a change of % from last month and % from one year ago..


The source for financial, economic, and alternative datasets, serving investment professionals.

globalCOAL NEWC Index

It's also the settlement price for indexlinked trades and underlies the Swap NEWC and gC ICE Newcastle Futures markets, estimated at 450+ million tonnes / year Calculated from actual bids, offers and trades for standardised NEWC spec coal on the globalCOAL trading platform .

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keeps you connected across the coal world. The ultimate and one of the Independent coal news portals which provide related information on coal bulk shipping industries. COALspot publish its own thermal coal index for Indonesian coal of 3800, 4200, 5000 and 5700 GAR. has also launched Android powered CS (i) Coal Index mobile app.

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Live STOWE GLOBAL COAL INDEX chart. Free online platform for market analysis. Economic calendar, international coverage, technical indicators latest news. Live STOWE GLOBAL COAL INDEX chart. Free online platform for market analysis. Economic calendar, international coverage, technical indicators …

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More prosaically, the American National Coal Association asserted that the United States profitably sold coal to Newcastle in the early 1990s, and 70,000 tonnes of lowsulphur coal was imported by Alcan from Russia in 2004 for their local aluminium smelting plant.

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Monthly price chart and freely downloadable data for Coal, Australian thermal coal. Price in US Dollars per Metric Ton. 60 month history.

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Coal is the major fuel used for generating electricity worldwide. The biggest producer and consumer of coal is China. Other big producers include: United States, India, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Germany and Poland.

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The "Coal Markets Report" summarizes average weekly coal commodity spot prices by coal regions in the United States. The historical data for coal commodity spot market prices are proprietary and not available for public release.

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IHS Global Coal News and Analysis. About Us. IHS Markit is the leading source of information and insight in critical areas that shape today's business landscape.

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Coal Price: Get all information on the Price of Coal including News, Charts and Realtime Quotes.

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Newcastle 6,000 kcal/kg NAR benchmark prices also appear to have decoupled from market prices for other grades of thermal coal, including Platt’s NEAT coal index for Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and which some would argue is a contender for Asia’s new price benchmark for thermal coal.

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index, which was executed offscreen. Some producers were holding back on offering tonnages, and a large producer/trader was bidding for 30,000 mt clips of Russian or

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We provide spot and forward price assessments for Oil, Natural Gas, Electric Power, Coal, Petrochemicals, Metals, and Agriculture markets, publishing over 12,000 prices daily. View the latest on our key price assessments across our commodity coverage.

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Steam Coal Prices, Met Coke Prices, Coking Coal Prices, Coal Price.... Get reliable coal market prices, china coke prices, coal price index chart, steam coal prices, met coke prices, coking coal prices and international coal prices...

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Newcastle is the world’s largest export coal loading facility and Newcastle coal is a key reference coal in the Asian thermal coal market. The prices used historically, and those used each week in determining the NEX, are based on actual shipments of thermal coal.

Argus/Coalindo Indonesia Coal Price Index

PT Coalindo Energy Develops Specialist Pricing Services For The Indonesian Coal Markets. The idea for the company’s establishment was initiated by executives of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association (ICMA), when in 2003, Indonesia experienced growth of coal exports at million tons.

globalCOAL Newcastle Coal Futures Data | ICE

Contracts are financially settled based upon the price of coal loaded at the Newcastle Coal Terminal in Australia. The contract is cash settled against the globalCOAL Monthly NEWC Index .

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Coal is a combustible black or brownishblack sedimentary rock usually occurring in rock strata in layers or veins called coal beds or coal seams. ... In 1257–1259, coal from Newcastle upon Tyne was shipped to London for the smiths and limeburners building Westminster Abbey.

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Coal Price Data and Indexes Optimize trading and investment decisions with industryleading benchmark prices. IHS Markit coal price markers form a key component of the API indices, which serve as the settlement price in 90% of the world's coal derivative contracts.

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Tax on coal sales are calculated based on where a seller's coal product lands on this index, hence the widespread use. The prices listed are a function of the Indonesian Coal Index (not freely available last time I checked) and the Newcastle indexes.

COALspot CS Indonesian Thermal Coal Index

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Methodology and specifications guide

AsiaPacific Thermal Coal Assessments 13 Atlantic Thermal Coal Assessments 16 AsiaPacific And Atlantic Thermal Coal Locations 17 US Thermal Coal Assessments 19 Us Thermal Coal Locations 21 Daily CSAPR Allowance Assessments 21 US Physical Thermal Coal Netbacks 21 Forward Curve Assessments 24

International Coal Report Platts

International Coal Report is published 51 times yearly by Platts, a division of The McGraw Hill Companies, registered office: 20 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5LH.

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Indonesia's benchmark HBA price is based on Platts Kalimantan (5,900 kcal/kg GAR assessment), ArgusIndonesia Coal Index 1 (6,500 kcal/kg GAR), Newcastle Export Index (6,322 kcal/kg GAR) and globalCOAL Newcastle (6,000 kcal/kg NAR). Each of these four indexes contribute 25 percent to Indonesia's HBA index.

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More ICE NewCastle Coal Quotes All Futures. Most Recent Stories More News. Crude and Gasoline Market Commentary cmdty Insider ... Major Indices SP Indices SP Sectors DOW Indices Nasdaq Index Russell Indices Volatility Indices Commodities Indices US Sectors Indices. Trading Signals.

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The AsiaPacific market is approximately 700 million tonnes Newcastle Energy Coal Price reference (NEWC) is used directly or indirectly to price approximately 7075% of this market The use of this reference point for pricing has increased over the last decade

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NEAT refers to our recently launched North East Asia Thermal [NEAT] coal index. Since its inception in early January, the daily index has tracked the value of thermal coal cargoes arriving into the markets of Japan, Korea and Taiwan from exporters including Australia, …

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Comprehensive information on Coal stocks, mining companies and prices. The latest Coal investment information and news.

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The Weekly Newcastle Index is the weighted average of two elements: (1) The weighted average price of transactions. (2) An average of bids and offers. The full methodology for calculation of the Index is available at globalCOAL .